Sexual Assault

Chatroom: Sexual Assault and #RapedbyMorehouse

Michael: Ok, Cara — earlier today women at Spelman College held a protest over the egregious lack of accountability in instances of sexual assault with their brother institution of Morehouse College. You and I were talking about this a bit earlier. What about all of this really hit home for you?

Cara: My immediate thought is that this is happening all over the country. Almost every college seems to have a problem with rape and way too many fail to address it. Victims get punished or expelled and rapists never get charged. It’s pretty sad that I find myself feeling “lucky” to have made it through college without being a victim of sexual assault.

Michael: Right — the statistics on campus rape and assault are insane. And unfortunately (outrageously) many campuses are failing to do anything real or meaningful about it. Ironically, Vice President Joe Biden was at Morehouse campus not long ago decrying campus assault and yet, according to many victims, neither Morehouse nor Spelman has taken the appropriate steps needed to curb campus rape. Black women bear the brunt of not only being black in a society that devalues blackness but also being women in a society that devalues women. The African-American community is not immune to sexism and gendered violence — hearing the stories of rape and assault of black women just leaves me particularly deflated.   (more…)


Bill Cosby and the Rest of Us

I’ve been relatively MIA on the whole Bill Cosby rape allegations issue. Mostly because, as heartbreaking as it is to hear the dozens of stories of abuse and manipulation pour out,  I’m not surprised. The insurgent pockets of doubt or victim blaming come as no surprise me either.

When I wrote about Ray Rice over the summer, I made it clear that Rice was never really the issue, domestic violence was. The same goes here. Bill Cosby is a serial rapist in a country that has many serial rapists. He may be today’s poster child, but he is not alone. Wyatt Cenac talked about this a little in a stand-up set a few weeks ago: (more…)