Making sense of @Macklemore and his #WhitePrivilege

Macklemore is back in the spotlight with a new song titled White privilege II. True to its name, the song is a nine minute effort to make sense of being a white person — a white hip-hop artist, no less — at a time of significant racial unrest.

The response has been varied, with some seeing the effort as an honest and open struggle to understand and learn, while others see it as a pure indulgence in privilege. (more…)


America’s Three Economies…

I’m reading a pretty interesting book titled ‘The Geography of Jobs’ by Economist Enrico Moretti.  The book details the divergence of American cities, pointing to the vast disparities generated by education, city-level job sector allocations and the migration of skilled labor to innovation hubs.  The interview below does a great job of summarizing Moretti’s findings.