@KendrickLamar Gets Love From #Compton Mayor @AjaLBrown

Congrats to Kendrick Lamar on taking home five awards at last night’s GRAMMY awards. And while I’m sure all that hardware feels pretty good, getting love and acknowledgement from your hometown has to feel even better. If you haven’t already, check out Lamar’s impressive award-show performance and Compton Mayor Aja Brown’s press release below.


Making sense of @Macklemore and his #WhitePrivilege

Macklemore is back in the spotlight with a new song titled White privilege II. True to its name, the song is a nine minute effort to make sense of being a white person — a white hip-hop artist, no less — at a time of significant racial unrest.

The response has been varied, with some seeing the effort as an honest and open struggle to understand and learn, while others see it as a pure indulgence in privilege. (more…)

Pathologizing Black Culture

There’s an obsession in this country with singling out and pathologizing black culture. Trends that can readily be seen in any community — black, white, hispanic, asian or otherwise — become abnormal or unhealthy when looked at only in the black community.

For instance, we oftentimes hear political and community leaders bemoan the hopes and aspirations of young black kids who dream about becoming rappers or professional athletes. We’re told these kid should instead strive to be doctors, astronauts or mathematicians — and that these low-brow expectations are at the root of underachievement in the black community. Nevermind the fact that when you ask little boys of all races what they want to be when the grow up, the number one answer is professional athlete.