R.I.P. GOP? Not So Fast.

In light of Trump’s soon-to-be nomination, I’ve seen my share of headlines  writing up the eulogy of the GOP. But to crib a quote from Mark Twain “the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Here are five reasons why.

2016-Legislative-Party-Control (more…)


Mass-Incarceration and the Clinton Golden Years

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has said that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, would play a major role in helping to revitalize the economy in a Hillary Clinton administration.

Bill’s economic performance during his tenure as President is held to almost mythical levels in certain circles and much of his current popularity stems from how people remember the economy under his watch. However, as Hillary wraps up the Democratic nomination, it’s important to call into question just how great the late 1990s were — especially for African-Americans.   (more…)

Trump Rules

With Donald Trump all but wrapping up the GOP presidential nomination, many voices in the political landscape have already crowned Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States (see here and here).

But after the absolute spectacle we just watched in the Republican primary, I’m much more hesitant to call this one over. Too many rules have been broken in this election season to take anything for granted. Donald Trump has revealed a number of truths about our country — truths that we really already knew but perhaps never realized their full depth or weight. (more…)

27 (Very Black) Answers for Buzzfeed

A few days ago Buzzfeed released a video titled ’27 Questions Black People Have for Black People’. If you must, watch it below:

It’s three-minutes of unadulterated self-loathing and ignorance — filled with young black people asking insulting and absurd questions for the black community.

But because I’m a glutton for self-punishment — and not much of a social life — I’ve dedicated the past two days to some basic research and googling to answer these nonsensical-ass questions. Here we go. (more…)

@KendrickLamar Gets Love From #Compton Mayor @AjaLBrown

Congrats to Kendrick Lamar on taking home five awards at last night’s GRAMMY awards. And while I’m sure all that hardware feels pretty good, getting love and acknowledgement from your hometown has to feel even better. If you haven’t already, check out Lamar’s impressive award-show performance and Compton Mayor Aja Brown’s press release below.