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The Civil Tube: Reza Aslan and Islamic/Muslim Violence

CNN anchor Don Lemon asks Reza Aslan, Scholar of Religions at UC-Riverside, if Islam promotes violence? The question is so simple-minded and tainted with bias that it must be difficult for Aslan to even take it seriously. Unfortunately, he has to take it seriously. His response, and the interview in general, is must-see.

Friday News #Roundup

The NYPD is at it again– kicking black teens out of white neighborhoods unless they are doing something “productive”.

ProPublica tells us about that time a Federal Reserve employee recorded more than 46 hours of private meetings and then got fired because she had “sharp elbows”.

When will the “black people like watermelon” thing finally get old? The Boston Herald published a racist cartoon featuring Obama.

A white lesbian couple is suing because they received the wrong sperm, a black man’s sperm to be specific.

Former Chicago police commander free after three years served for torturing over 100 black men at station houses.

Shocking! States with more abortion restrictions have the worst health outcomes for women and children.


The Civil Tube: 4 Little Girls

Our Civil Tube video is not so short today. But rather a documentary which looks at the lives of four little girls who through no choice of their own became martyrs in the struggle for freedom and civil rights. It’s only fitting since today is the 51st anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.

Give it a watch. Perhaps most jarring is the fact that many of the people who speak in the documentary — and were first-hand witnesses to the violence of 1960s Birmingham — are still alive. It serves as a reminder that while we may learn about these events as long-ago history from a bygone era, in fact, many people remember this tragedy as vividly as 9/11 or the Boston marathon bombing.

The Civil Tube: The List of Rules for Women

From campus assault to leaked nude photos — anytime a woman’s rights are ignored or violated a chorus of voices emerge to explain exactly what a woman did wrong and why she’s responsible for her own assualt.

Oh you got raped at a party? Maybe you shouldn’t have been drinking so much.

Don’t like all those men out there catcalling you? Try not wearing such a short skirt.

I tell you, it’s hard to remember all of these rules. Luckily Jay Smooth has put out a call for help. If somebody has a complete list of all the rules we have for women, please please contact Smooth so we can get that posted somewhere.

Or, alternatively, men could just stop being such assholes.

Enjoy the video.