About the Editors

Michael Mitchell, a founding editor at The Civil Word, focuses his writing on race, economics, public policy and politics. Michael’s had stints in the midwest, northeast, up-state New York, and the pacific northwest, before settling down (for now) in Northern Virginia. In the past, he’s advocated for low- and moderate-income families as a state tax and budget policy analyst. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Connecticut, master’s work at Syracuse University and is now fairly confident that he knows less about the world than he did before college — which actually makes him feel pretty good about his education.

Co-founder and editor Cara B is a queer black woman from Brooklyn, NY. She completed her Master of Public Policy Degree in 2013 and has been grinding away at a nonprofit in Washington, DC ever since.  Her goal is to liberate the oppressed… one hegemony-proliferating public policy at a time. She also enjoys making up phrases such as “hegemony-proliferating public policy” and hoping they catch on.