Friday News Round Up!

It’s been a while since the last Friday News Round Up- but here we are again!  Check it out…

On new laws that suck for queer peeps:

Mississippi made it legal to refuse service to gay people in order to protect people with “sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions”.

North Carolina Republican governor Pat McCrory signed a bill into law two weeks ago that blocks anti-discrimination rules for the LGBT community, but this might hurt him in the upcoming gubernatorial elections.

Speaking of discriminatory laws:

Women are clapping back on social media in response to a law that  Indiana’s governor Mike Pence, a Republican, signed last month that created several new restrictions on abortions.

On a happier note:

A new app helps undocumented immigrants find college scholarships.

On the environment and how people of color are going to save us all from a man-made Armageddon:

NPR reports on how “Going Green is Really Going Native”. 

And don’t miss this chance to learn about five activists doing the work to fight against environmental racism

On the dude who might be our first “first man”:

Bill recently backed up Hillary Clinton’s “super-predatorsgaffe of yesteryear, which has been coming back to haunt her recently. 

Speaking of Bill Clinton saying dumb shit- here’s a piece from Very Smart Brothas on his recent comments about Black Lives Matter.

And, finally,  in case you  haven’t heard:

Nothing Hillary, Bill, or anyone else says matters because Google basically controls all of our minds anyway.

Let us know what we missed in the comments!

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