Friday News Round Up!

Thanks for checking out this week’s Friday News Round Up! Did we miss anything big? Let us know in the comments!

I really thought this new Pope was (relatively) progressive. Then he compared trans people to nuclear weapons.

Bestselling author Janet Mock  discusses the murders of six trans women this year that the media has largely been ignoring.

Oklahoma wants to ban AP history because it shows “what’s bad about America.”

Can’t we just pretend all that bad stuff never happened? Photo credit: PhotoQuest/Getty Images

A bunch of Republican states think it would be a great idea to increase taxes on the poor and cut them for the rich.

Walmart is raising its minimum wage to $10.

Writers over at Wonkblog lay out all of the benefits of helping parents work less.

Because we really care, Oscar voters explain why Selma got the snub at this year’s Academy Awards.

Jessica Williams says she isn’t ready for the Daily Show gig — so Ester Bloom tells her ‘lean in’. Williams fired back in the most brilliant of ways.

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