#illridewithyou: Australians show solidarity with Muslims on public transit

Breaking: The #illridewithyou is being used this morning as Australians offer solidarity to Muslims who may feel unsafe riding public transportation in traditional or religious clothing. Australians are offering solidarity with Muslims after a siege at a Sydney cafe this morning where hostages were taken. During the siege a black flag with Arabic writing was held up in the cafe window. Residents became concerned about the safety of their fellow Australians who might be wearing traditional or religious Muslim garb on public transport. One woman, after noticing a fellow traveler silently remove her hijab, told her to put it back on, and said “I’ll walk with you.” RachelJacobs After hearing about this on Twitter user Tessa Kum offered to ride with anyone in religious attire who didn’t feel safe and started #illridewithyou. Since then the hashtag has grown with many other Twitter users chiming in to show their support. sirtessaThe seige ended when the cafe was stormed by police officers. At this time it is unclear how many were wounded. Click here for updates.  


  1. This is a smart use of social media that definitely makes me feel like our technological society is using social media for more than just taking pictures of food. What a good way for others to help people who could be targets of religious prejudice and violence. I also think it could be useful in other times people may not feel safe such as in a city where someone is walking alone, although at the same time I could see its negative effects if information of someone going somewhere alone were to fall into the wrong hands. I recently read about an app much like Twitter but that could connect to anyone else with the app within a certain radius- this hashtag #Illridewithyou would be incredibly useful for that.

  2. Definitely interesting how we notice these very subtle signs every day, but when we actually decide to act on them (whether for better or worse), big changes can occur. Also, the popularity of this movement stemming from someone who is not particularly a celebrity points to the notion that the tide of society is shifting towards a more accepting direction. Unfortunately, this is a contrast to the conservative government in power in Australia. These differences between the government and the general population are becoming more and more significant. Especially in the United States, the candidates seem to be decreasingly representing the people as opposed to economic interests. I also like the structure of the piece itself. Check out my related political discussions and debate/agree with the positions taken. Unpopularpolitics.com

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