The Civil Tube: Asians Eat Weird Things (Music Video)

We’re in a music kind of mood over here at the Civil Word. This week’s Civil Tube comes by way of the Fung Brothers who created this spoof to showcase the wide range of cuisine eaten across the Asian diaspora. And yes, the lyrics are strong and the production level is quite high, but the really the reason this video is so special is because it promotes good ole-fashioned pride. Asian-Americans and traditional Asian cuisine are otherized and exoticized to an remarkable degree — and videos like this are an exercise in reclamation. Gotta love it. Lyrics below the fold.


I’m like “Girl whatcha eatin for today?”
Put that bread down, lets go and run away
Cuz I’m Asian, I don’t know if you could tell
I eat a few things AppleBee’s don’t sell

ever had dim sum in the mornin’ light?
I know this chicken feet ain’t lookin very nice
But if you taste it, I know you’ll really like
eat the skin but leave the bones aiighht?

Look at me look at me eating tripe now
Look at you look at you this is life now
it’s fresh, more organic than fast food
You could say it looks a lot more natural

No this egg ain’t hundred years old
And no this cabbage ain’t got no mold
And I was hoping she would have a taste!
she took one bite and just made a face

Yeah, yeah, I said “Girl whatcha eat during weekdays”
She said “salad and pasta each day”
But what about Asian food?
You neva get the chance, cuz you neva date Asian dudes!

She said, I liked the weird stuff growing up
But stopped in High School it wasn’t cool enough
Cuz you can’t serve blood cubes at prom
And Stinky tofu just sounds wrong

Stop pretending, you don’t like fermented
I admit the smell can be offensive
But it tastes so good that you won’t need another man
Let the flavors take you back to the motherland

So I can take you back to my mother and
She can teach you how to cook without butter and-
“What do you mean I’m being patriarchal?”
“Ooh ok, I mean I can cook”

I’m talkin’ bout food
We got different social norms than you
Can’t change my culture it’s just how we do
She told me it looks crazy
I said it’s okay I’m Asian!

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