WTF Wednesday- Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Hundreds of Nigerian Schoolgirls Missing

I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t know about this until yesterday. So this WTF is directed at me and at the media that is barely covering this and at all of us around the world who have laregly failed to even try to find these young women.

Two weeks ago about 200 Nigerian schoolgirls went missing, and they still haven’t been found. Two hundred.  The girls were rounded up by Islamist extremists at gunpoint, even though the school guards were present. The leader of the Islamist extremist group, called Boko Haram,  has called Western education “a plot against Islam” and promised that schools would be targeted “until our last breath.” That was nearly a year ago, last July. The group has been blamed for thousands of deaths over the past five years, many of which were children at school.


Photo:  Rueters


Photo: AP

There are reports that the girls may have been taken abroad and some of them forced to marry their captors, which essentially means a life of sexual slavery. These girls were preparing to sit for their finals exams two weeks ago. Now, some of them may be slaves.

This story deeply saddens me. Even worse, nothing much seems to be happening to find and save them.


Photo: AP

For more information about the extremist group and a timeline of their anti-education activities click here.


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