Who Uses the Internet?

Sometimes when I’m online, I forget just how exclusive the internet really is.  Below is a table I pulled from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

As you move up in age, internet use falls. As you move up in education, internet use increases. One out of three people making less than $30,000 do not use the internet. Disproportionately fewer Blacks and Hispanics use the internet relative to whites.

This stuff matters. For many of us who are online daily, it’s a natural event to interact with other people through social networking sites, comments sections, dating sites, etc. Often times we take for granted who we’re talking with, and assume that our interactions translate into something akin to the real world. In truth, what we’re seeing is a wealthier, whiter, younger, more educated sub-population  We should keep that in mind.

internet usage


  1. You know, just this week I was thinking about how the internet has damaged us in so many ways. I feel like, as great as being connected and having insight into other parts of the world just a finger click away, it’s really distorting. Of course, like your post, not everyone has access. And while it can be used to learn about other cultures, our own advantages and different ways of thinking, I think that more prevalent (because let’s face it, its more fun) the internet has become a playground for us to find the greener grass. And it’s everywhere, especially as social media has become so dominant. Everyone is out there posting the wonderful, exciting, expensive, creative, and unique things that they do and come across. It’s only a small snapshot of everyday life, but it sets the bar really high for our expectations of what we should have, afford and can do. Everyone’s expectations of what is possible, what they deserve and what they can achieve multiply. A one point in time, the people you could be jealous of, or compare yourself to were your physical neighbors. People you actually met. Now we are a society that can see into the world’s most elaborate homes daily on sites like Pintrest. And I think it breeds discontentment.

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