Are we really a European entitlement society?

There’s a lot of rhetoric being thrown around that the United States is quickly turning into a European style entitlement society.  It’s a phrase that seems to be sticking with a lot of people.

The concern seems to be that as the government steps in to help American citizens get through one of the worst economic downturns the country has ever faced, more and more of these citizens will forget how to work.  As government intervenes, more and more people will become eternally dependent on the state and just won’t see any purpose for working.

It’s an alarming prospect. Only problem is, it’s not really true. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, many of the earned benefits that people are using to get through these tough times are going overwhelmingly to our most vulnerable populations or to the working poor.

After dispelling the ‘entitlement society’ myth, the paper then goes on to contrast, the distribution of earned benefits with those of tax expenditures… now which one do you think is more out of whack?


Very interesting indeed.  It’s important that as we hear commentators and politicians from both sides of the aisle prognosticate on the future of our country, we look to legitimate research and analysis to make sure that what they’re saying is based in fact and not fear.

Oh and shout out to Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) for this jewel;


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